Just Call Me Kait

The first time I ever had a camera was when I was the age of 3 or 4. I received this small green camera, a little smaller then a disposable camera. The thing never really worked. You honestly almost broke your finger off because the button always got stuck when ever you went to take a picture! I wish I still had the thing. I'm sure its around the house somewhere. 

Photography actually didn't really hit me till last year. My passion for it was never that strong. Especially because I wanted to become a writer more then anything. (Of course i still write and would love to get something published one day but not for awhile, i'm not even that great. But my mind takes me else where.) 

I began photography at the age of fourteen. It's when my family saw "talent". Suddenly I was the one always responsible to take all the photos for family events. I never really enjoyed it till i discovered conceptual art. It has allowed me to become creative and open my mind to how I see or imagine things. 

I also have started my own small business doing client work on the side.
Children are my favorite so far! This coming up year (2012) I also have some weddings which will be my first ever! So i'm pretty excited for that! 

Aside from photography I use to dance and paint. I love to cook and create my own recipes. I can play the piano and make up my own music. (write, as i listed above). I love shopping and have a huge addiction which isn't good. Sunglasses are my obsession. 

I have a beautiful siberian husky named Autymn (yes that is how her name is spelt!) She is seriously the joy of my life and like my baby! She very VERY smart. Talks all the time and even can say "I Love You"